MILogin Updates

  • MILogin public portal updates include self-account deactivate, ability to login with email, and international phone support March 01, 2023

    The MILogin public portal has undergone tactical, functional, and visual improvements to improve the user experience. A few functional enhancements to highlight include:

    Self-service Account Deactivation:Users can now permanently deactivate (disable) their account through the "Update Profile" function. Once accounts are permanently deactivated, users are not able to login, access any services, or re-activate their account. Users must create a new account to access services in the future.

    Ability to Login with Email:A user can now login with the email address associated with their User ID if a unique email address is associated with their account. A user who wishes to login with an email address should enter their email address in the "User ID or Email Address" field during login.

    International Phone Support:Users can now use an international phone number as part of their MILogin accounts during the verification process when creating a new account. Users can also update their profile information with an international phone number using the "Update Profile" function.