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  • June 12, 2023

    The The MILogin public portal will undergo enhancements to improve the user experience.
    Improved "Look and Feel"
    The MILogin public portal will be updated with a new design that will help users better navigate the MILogin public portal.
    • Easy & Quick Navigation Links
    • Simplified User Flows
    • Inline Help Contents
    • Context Aware Help Links
    • Enhanced Alerts & Notifications

    Login Page Changes
    Home Page Changes
    Passwordless Login
    A user will be able to login with a simplified secure method: Passwordless login. Users will be able to access the MILogin public portal by using a biometric login (e.g., finger scan, face scan, etc.) or PIN code-based authentication.
  • June 12, 2023

    MI Bridges will undergo user experience enhancements:
    New User Experience
    MI Bridges will be updated with user experience changes for login and account registration process.
    Login Current
    New Login
    Access MI Bridges from MILogin
    MI Bridges users visiting the MiLogin portal can now access the MI Bridges from their MILogin "Home" page.
    Login Current
    Identity Verification
    MI Bridges users will be asked to verify their identity again to be able to see their benefits.

    Add and Verify Email
    MI Bridges users who do not have email address on their profile will be prompted to add and verify their email address upon login.
  • March 01, 2023

    The MILogin public portal has undergone tactical, functional, and visual improvements to improve the user experience. A few functional enhancements to highlight include:
    Self-service Account Deactivation: Users can now permanently deactivate (disable) their account through the "Update Profile" function. Once accounts are permanently deactivated, users are not able to login, access any services, or re-activate their account. Users must create a new account to access services in the future.

    Ability to Login with Email: A user can now login with the email address associated with their User ID if a unique email address is associated with their account. A user who wishes to login with an email address should enter their email address in the "User ID or Email Address" field during login.

    International Phone Support: Users can now use an international phone number as part of their MILogin accounts during the verification process when creating a new account. Users can also update their profile information with an international phone number using the "Update Profile" function.

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