User ID Merge - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why is the MILogin User ID Merge process necessary?

MILogin User ID merge process will help each user consolidate multiple MILogin users IDs they own into one Primary User ID, so that you will only need to remember one user ID and password to access State services across agencies and applications. It will also allow you to utilize a self-service password reset if you forget your password.

When will the full MILogin merge be available for all users?

The MILogin user ID merge will be released on Dec 13, 2021, and you will be recommended to merge multiple user IDs. At this time, it will not be mandated. Users will be reminded to merge user IDs until they have either merged their User IDs or indicated that the IDs are not owned by them.

What are the merged User IDs called, and once they have been merged, can they be unmerged?

Merged User IDs are called aliases and you will have to work with the agency helpdesk who will initiate the process to unmerge an alias User ID from a primary User ID.

If I accidently click "Not Me" am I able to go back and verify that account?

You cannot undo "Not Me" after you have clicked it, but you can choose to click on "Verify Additional Accounts" and add the account. You may also click on the "Merge Accounts" tab after logging into MILogin and choose "Verify Additional Accounts" and identify additional accounts that belong to you.

If I do not remember my Username/password during the verification process for one of the accounts how can I verify that particular account?

You will be required to reset your password or find your username through the existing MILogin processes prior to starting the merge process. Once that is complete, you will then be able to proceed on the MILogin merge process at your next logon.

If I need to call a Help Desk seeking assistance after merging my profiles will the Help Desk be able to see my merged information?

Yes, on searching for the primary ID, the Help Desk will also be shown the alias or merged IDs in the result. Alternatively, on searching for the alias or merged ID, your primary ID will be shown in the result as well. Also, the profile for Primary ID will contain the alias account list and the Alias ID profile will contain the primary merged ID. This will provide the Help Desk with the information related to your merged profiles.

If I choose an incorrect primary account how can I resolve that situation?

You will need to reach out to the Help Desk, who after preliminary analysis and validation will initiate the process to help you.